Cindy Baker — The Log House and the Ocean (EN)

as part as VIVA! Art action 2019

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Cindy Baker, Crash Pad, dc3 Art Projects, 2018. Photo : Stephanie Patsula

Durational action art with possible participation* :

In Laval on September 25, 26 and 27 between 12 noon and 3 pm *
Nearby Verticale — centre d’artistes, 397, boul. des Prairies O., Laval QC H7N 2W6

In Montreal on September 25, 26 and 27 after 5 pm
At VIVA! Headquarters (Ateliers Jean-Brillant), 661, rue Rose-de-Lima, Montréal QC H4C 1H2

* To get a dream date, write to Check out the list of dreams to fulfill further below. The place for the meeting is on the neighbouring lawn next to the Verticale offices (signs will be posted).

All audiences are welcome; it is not necessary to be a participant to come see the artist in Laval or in Montreal.

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Laval is the ocean; the ocean is the world when the artist is dreaming. On the banks of the Rivière des Prairies, she share her dreams in intimate moments with friends and strangers in order to help bring forgotten memories to the surface and drag them out onto dry land. She would like to bring her dreams to life for you, with your assistance. Then, the artist builds a log house every night to house her dreams.


Will you bring me:

A small birthday cake and a handful of change
A puff on your vape with cotton candy-flavoured e-juice
Reinforced-toe pantyhose
A giant bag of lucky charms marshmallows
Several baby food jars with lids
Real and artificial tall grasses, potted
Pears complexion soap
2-3 metres of white and silver fabric, covered in stains
A vending machine in the lobby of a Ramada hotel
A ride to the gas station
Hamburgers and toast
2 dozen bagels
An unfrosted cake, still in the tin
A trip to the candy store
Bum her a smoke
Many small stickers and a tiled bathroom I can put them in
A leather hood
A trip to Burger king with someone who can read Korean
A trip to a church with a gift shop
A ride in your RV
Bring your dog
A small head of leaf lettuce and a loaf of rye bread
A rifle-shaped stick
3 dozen fancy donuts to take to the festival. You will likely eat most of them on the way.
Matching bird costumes
Small pieces of selenite
A trip to 7-Eleven in Pierrefonds


In her current practice, Cindy Baker focuses heavily on her ten-year catalogue of dreams, exploring the relationship between trauma, memory, and the body, and building on both past work and her ongoing interests in social systems and embodiment. The artist believes that the borders between our dreams and their connection to a deeper meaning may be unveiled through re-visiting them in waking life. She is interested in the potential for transformation, and the opportunity for a close examination of that transformation, in realizing her dreams. It is an experiment in awe and wonder grounded in cynical acknowledgement of the possible. For her, the art lies in unpacking how she might be changed through this process, and how that might change the world.

From September 25 to 28 2019, Verticale presents, in collaboration with eight other partnering centers, the VIVA! Art action festival 7th edition, four days dedicated to action art at and around Ateliers Jean Brillant in Saint-Henri.