Calls for proposals

Our calls for the Regular programming 2023—25 and for the Residency in the Archives are now open.

Our calls for the mentorship programs and the Déblocages series are closed.

Regular programming 2023—25

Trajectory, accommodation, and genius loci

Whereas the miniature represents closure, interiority, the domestic and the overly cultural, the gigantic represents infinity, exteriority, the public, and the overly natural.[1]

Verticale—centre d’artistes (VCA) invites artists and collectives to submit proposals for in situ art projects that explore atypical sites by addressing the trajectories, transitional processes, and challenges of occupying space at various scales. The areas we enter and that enter us—as inhabited, stolen, occupied, forgotten, abandoned, unplanned, transformed, dreamt up, configured, and (re)activated—should also be considered, in all of their complexity.

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Presentation period: between September 2023 and August 2025

VCA presents works off-site. The centre will accept proposals that take into account the physical and/or social space of dissemination, and that includes a reflection on sites, publics and/or contexts. VCA will assist with the artists’ surveying process and integration of their work so that the dissemination setting is appropriate and relevant to each individual project and art practice.

Deadline to submit a proposal: December 1st, 2022


Please refer to the complete call for submissions.

Call to artists and writers

Residency in the Archives

This one-time program will support two artists and two writers in the creation of art projects and texts based on the processing of Verticale — centre d’artistes’ (VCA) archival documents.

The goal of this residency program is to expose artists and writers to the processing of VCA’s archives, currently underway. Working alongside archivists, the selected participants will be able to consult and discover the contents of these documents.


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Who can apply

This program seeks to promote VCA members and Laval-based artists in a non-exclusive manner. Members of our broader community who have taken part in VCA’s activities (through exhibitions, as board members, etc.) will also be considered.

Deadline to submit a proposal: December 1st, 2022


Planning meetings: March and April 2023
Residency period: between May and June 2023
Public discussions: spring, summer, and fall 2023

Please refer to the complete call for submission.


Call to members


Déblocages, a self-directed series of gatherings, brings together members of the Centre and their guests to discuss issues arising in their artistic practice. Each event is organized around a specific issue proposed by a member. The gathering provides a pretext to share experiences and hash out possible solutions collectively.

This call is now closed.

Call to emerging artists

Mentorship Program

This annual program is aimed at assisting an emerging artist in the exploration and development of their practice through peer support, namely with a professional artist who will take on a mentorship role.

The artist-mentee must submit a research and creation project that will address one or more aspects they have identified as obstacles to the advancement of their practice and/or career. The program does not necessarily involve the public presentation of an artwork. The artist will carry out their project within a professional context, with the support of their mentor with whom they will meet on a regular basis for the equivalent of fifteen work days. The project will conclude with a public presentation by the artist and their mentor, where they will discuss the progress of their work.

Presentation period: spring-summer

This program is intended primarily for emerging artists (no age limit) currently living in Laval, who are originally from the region, or who are members of the organisation.

This call is now closed.

In the interest of greater inclusivity and representation, VCA strongly encourages proposals from under-represented artists.