Calls for proposals

Our calls for 2020—21 are closed.

The next round of calls will open in Autumn 2020.

Call to members


Déblocages, a self-directed series of gatherings, brings together members of the Centre and their guests to discuss issues arising in their artistic practice. Each event is organized around a specific issue proposed by a member. The gathering provides a pretext to share experiences and hash out possible solutions collectively.

The Déblocage events are meant to be informal, ad hoc and optional. They are not conferences or round tables, nor are they public presentations. Everyone who shows up is invited to take part in the discussions and to share any materials that might enrich the exchange (images, ongoing projects, personal experiences, books, websites, etc.).

The Déblocage events are self-directed: they stem directly from the interests and involvement of members and their guests, who are responsible for their organization. In order to ensure the continuity of the series, the Déblocage events are linked together through a scheme of chain invitations: the current hosting artist invites the hosting artist of the following Déblocage event, etc.

The Centre facilitates the process by providing a framework for self-direction that includes:

— The provision of a Practical DIY Guide for Déblocage events (or how to unblock oneself), available only in French

— Coordination support

— A budget including presentation fees as well as coordination fees for hosting artists and their collaborators

Call to emerging artists

Mentorship Program

This annual program is aimed at assisting an emerging artist in the exploration and development of their practice through peer support, namely with a professional artist who will take on a mentorship role.

The artist-mentee must submit a research and creation project that will address one or more aspects they have identified as obstacles to the advancement of their practice and/or career. The program does not necessarily involve the public presentation of an artwork. The artist will carry out their project within a professional context, with the support of their mentor with whom they will meet on a regular basis for the equivalent of fifteen work days. The project will conclude with a public presentation by the artist and their mentor, where they will discuss the progress of their work.

Presentation period: spring-summer

This program is intended primarily for emerging artists (no age limit) currently living in Laval, who are originally from the region, or who are members of the organisation.

Thematic call for submissions

Regular programming

This annual program provides support for the presentation of projects by up to four artists or collectives at any stage in their career (emerging, mid-career, or established).

VCA embraces the heterogeneity of practices that characterizes contemporary art, and encourages cross-disciplinarity. VCA offers arts professionals in Laval

and throughout Quebec an unparalleled framework to develop their creative process through a critical or poetic approach, and by engaging with a particular site.

Presentation period: summer-autumn-winter-spring

VCA is in the process of transitioning to a permanent gallery space. Until then, it will focus on presenting off-site projects that, whether strictly in situ or not, consider the site of their presentation as part of their concept, or that propose alternative contexts for disseminating art. VCA will assist artists in their search for a suitable venue to ensure that the selected site meets the needs of each project and individual practice.

In the interest of greater inclusivity and representation, VCA strongly encourages proposals from under-represented artists.